Daily Schedule

A Typical Class

The group will say goodbye to parents, do a first circle, have a quick snack and then go off on their adventure. During this time we play various games, offer the children uninterrupted free play, have 2nd snack, tea, a story or two and drawing in our journals. At pick up, we return back to the same location where we have a final circle sharing a moment of gratitude for the day, recapping what we did and singing a good bye song.

We go outside every single day. . . especially when it’s pouring rain outside. Puddles!


Every child is expected to carry their own backpack and all of it’s contents.

Backpack Supply List:

  • Backpack with extra clothes (socks, underpants, shirt and pants. (Diapers and wipes if necessary) in a zip locked bag
  • Large snack in re-sealable container (we eat twice thru the morning)
  • Water bottle with easy flip top filled half way. (Teachers carry extra water)
  • Whistle on back pack Weather Appropriate Packing Lists

Rainy Weather:

  • Rain Boots are a must!!!
  • Rain pants and coat! (no muddy buddies please)
  • Wool or Thermal Socks
  • A  warm fitted toque that fits under hood with no decorations like pompoms on top
  • Neck warmer instead of scarf
  • Mittens not gloves, they should have a zipper or Velcro closure – this makes it easier to get on and off. Some good brands are Gordini or Columbia.
  • Layers – first layer should be thin silk or wool, second layer should be wool or capilen, third layer should be thick layer of silk or fleece, rain pants as final layer. (Each layer will depend on weather)
  • A backpack that fits their back.

Warm Weather:

  • Silk, hemp, cotton long-sleeve
  • Pants/shorts
  • Brimmed hat
  • Close toed hiking or running style footwear
  • Sun Lotion
  • Bug spray 

Tips on rain pants: make sure they have Velcro, toggles or some type of easy tighteners on them and that they are waterproof. It’s also best if the pants are pulled OVER top of the boots. Feet stay drier this way.

Tips on coats: make sure they are waterproof. Save money by buying one that has the removable zipper in fleece so you get both layers for different seasons

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