Extra Steps Owner/Urban Adventures Director

A proud Vancouverite, Sarah has completed her Early Childhood Education Certificate at Vancouver Community College. Her calm temperament and caring nature makes her a valuable member of the Extra Steps child education team. Sarah has a knack for guiding children through difficult situations, getting down on their level while remaining respectful and understanding of them. Her eagerness to get to know each child and her fun-loving charm leads to endless activities with them.

Sarah combines the best of both worlds: “I love to learn from the experience of other educators, while also bringing new and exciting ideas to the classroom.”  An energetic and dedicated teacher, she is especially interested in building children’s confidence to start them off on a positive path in life.


Urban Adventures Educator

Jasmine graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Family Studies Major and afterwards completed her Early Childhood Education Certificate. Early 2017, she finished her Mandarin Teaching Certification and is now developing her own language classes. 
 Jasmine has always been very passionate about working with children.  By building a trusting relationship and mutual respect with the people and children she works with, Jasmine is all about spreading positive energy to the community and everyone.  “I love teaching, the more I do the more I want to learn and share.  Listen to the child. You may end up gaining more than giving.”
At Extra Steps, Jasmine was part of the team that developed Urban Adventures, and was one of the teachers at the beginning of the program.  As the program grew, so did she, and she fell in love with outdoor education and the forest school philosophy. “I want to combine the appreciation for nature and our connectedness to the community to every child I teach, and I’m confident this lesson will be beneficial for the rest of the child’s life that is yet to unfold.  It is my goal to make a difference to the most precious little spirits in our lives and help them to be the best they can be.”  Please join Jasmine and let us make wonders together!


Urban Adventures Educator

Cheryl has a passion for Early Childhood Education and is also a mother to a preschooler. Cheryl has most recently ran her own home based daycare. Cheryl strongly believes “that children should be given the freedom ‘to be children’, and to discover the world around them in a hands-on, inquisitive manner”. Her easy going, calm nature allows her to encourage young children in a respectful and thoughtful way. Prior to her work with young children Cheryl worked in the legal field as a legal administrative assistant for 12 years.

“My favourite thing about preschoolers is their sense of wonder at the world around them. I love to get down to their level and draw their attention to a bee in a flower or the texture in a leaf. These hands on experiences help connect children to the natural world and encourage a love and respect of nature.”

Cheryl is completing her Early Childhood Education Certificate program at Vancouver Community College. Cheryl’s love of the outdoors and physical activity along with her patient and composed personality makes her a great addition to the Extra Steps team.

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