Centre/Programs Director/Owner

Robb received his Early Childhood Education Diploma from Mount Royal University, Alberta and has worked with young children for more than fifteen years in a wide variety of fun-filled programs. He is well known in Vancouver where he co-owns and operates Extra Steps Learning Centres and been an advocate for children for many years.

During his long career, Robb has directed childcare centres and family childcare homes, designed and worked with summer camps, taught workshops, owned and operated three preschool programs, and assisted with facility openings.  He is also an instructor for an ECE college program.  As much as possible, he works directly with children, something for which he has both natural talent and boundless enthusiasm.

“I have enjoyed my career path and my choices over the years,” says Robb, who has also enjoyed overseeing the growth and development of his own grown boys. Robb is especially eager to share his talents and knowledge about early childhood education with other educators and with the families of children at Extra Steps.


Urban Adventures Director/Owner

A proud Vancouverite, Sarah has completed her Early Childhood Education Certificate through evening classes at Vancouver Community College. Her calm temperament and caring nature make her a valuable member of the Extra Steps child education team. Sarah has a knack for guiding children through difficult situations, getting down on their level while remaining respectful and understanding of them. Her eagerness to get to know each child and her fun-loving charm leads to endless activities with them.

Sarah combines the best of both worlds: “I love to learn from the experience of other educators, while also bringing new and exciting ideas to the classroom.”  An energetic and dedicated teacher, she is especially interested in building children’s confidence to start them off on a positive path in life.


Preschool / Camp Educator

Sarah has completed her ECE Diploma including IT and special needs specialties. She also has a diploma in Montessori  for children between 3-12 years old as well as a Bachelor of Science in Education – all education completed in Dublin, Ireland. Sarah has also taken ECE workshops, and completed courses in Langara, BC; “I will never stop learning”

Sarah has been an ECE instructor and the coordinator of a Early Childhood Education program for the past 4 1/2 years. With 12 years teaching experience in various educational fields, 6 of those working in the ECE field, she is an excellent addition to the Extra Steps teaching team

“Human-kind are my passion, and we all start small,” says Sarah, “this is why the early years are some important to me. This is when the future person is built, and I’m so fortunate to be part of that journey.  I am a very passionate educator and strongly believe and advocate for the importance of the early years.”

“Within the child lies the fate of the future.” – Montessori


Preschool / Camp Educator

Robyn has completed her Early Childhood Education Certificate through classes at Vancouver Community College and graduated in June 2013.  She volunteered with Extra Steps Preschool to receive her 500 hours to complete her 5 year License to Practice and we have enjoyed her warm, wonderful and passionate teaching ideas that are fun, engaging and teach from an individual child with the entire group.  She is also clever and creative when it comes to arts, crafts, baking and outside activities.  Robyn believes in getting down to a child’s level and building on their individual interests and personalities which promotes a strong foundation for children.

Robyn brings new ideas and is defining her philosophy every day: “I can’t imagine working anywhere else besides Extra Steps; the children, families and staff have helped me grow, learn and brought me to new levels of development with children.  I know I will continue to be the best I can be and look forward to more on-going learning!”


Outside Urban Adventure / Educator

Pat moved to Vancouver in the mid eighties from Ontario.  She received her ECE certification in 1991 through VCC. After working on the east side for several years, Pat left to explore and work in other parts of the province.  When she came back to Vancouver, she chose to work in her friends’ animal care company and still says hello to every dog she meets!  Pat came back into the field of childcare with knowledge of Waldorf and Montessori which is where she met Miss Belva, with whom she maintained contact while she made her way out to PEI to connect with family and see what living on the east coast was like. She enjoyed her time there, working in a centre with a manager who was also a supporter of outdoor programming which enables Pat to create an outdoor experience for the pre-schoolers. Books on her bedside table?  The Lorax by Doctor Seuss, Never Cry Wolf by Farley Mowat, Birds of Canada

Pat has spent a lot of time in her kayak and camped in the winter with a fox family around her fire. “Nature can take my breath away and I think of children experiencing that feeling,” Pat says,  “I am so excited to be working alongside Miss Belva in this outdoor adventure and look forward to sharing the knowledge I have accumulated with the children and learning new things along with them.”


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