Below is a link to download our Waitlist form.Please fill it out and email it (through the Submit button), send it to us by mail or drop it off at our centre along with a $25 fee. The fee is non-refundable but will be put towards your registration fee if you are accepted into our program.

(e-transfer to info@extrasteps.ca, cheque or cash) no credit cards

Waitlist Form

Answers to common waitlist questions?

– Our private school waitlist is sorted and filed according to priority, your child’s age, available start date and the date we receive the form & payment.

– We do not track and tell you what number you are on the waitlist as it changes often and can lead to false hope.  Priority is always given in the following order; to currently enrolled families, to past registered families and then new families in order that they are filed and dated.

– As our programs have many options register in, from 2 to 5 days a week, sometimes if a space opens up more than one child can get in, where as other times, one child may take all open days.
Also many parents sign up on the waitlist and at registration time, they do not want the space anymore for whatever personal reason. On the other side of this, current and past families have siblings and join our waitlist at the last minute so the waitlist can jump up or down on any given day.

– The best time to find out roughly where your child is on the waitlist is about a month prior to when you’d like to register. Any families leaving our program are required to give us at least thirty days notice. On that note, most families do not leave our program once they start with us as we exceed quality childcare growth and development. Rarely, personal reasons do take families away from us at times, such as moving.

– We do not host visits to view our program one on one, until you are given the opportunity to register. We have too many families requesting this and it is disruptive to our program with daily families coming and going.  We hold an open house once a year around February/March where we suggest anyone stop by to ask questions, meet us and view the centre.

– As a private school, we take into consideration each family as we meet them and communicate with them. This plays a part in being enrolled as we require a type of family that can trust us in their child’s growth & development and understand our philosophies about how we let children learn and build upon their own skills.  We do appreciate families concerns and comments but we will not change our program to fit any one family’s beliefs. We do take it all into consideration and usually try to find a way that everyone can be happy but sometimes a method cannot be met.  We believe you come to us because you believe in what we do and trust that your child will be in good hands.

– Children usually get in our program within a year of going on the waitlist, or the start of the next school year, if they are the correct age.

Thank you for reading and understanding these points.  Our waitlist fee is very little compared to other programs as we just collect enough to cover the cost in maintaining the list. Please sign up as early as possible to make your chances of getting in that much better.  We look forward to working with you as a team with your child and family.

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