Camp Weeks

Extra Steps Preschool, 726 W16th Ave, Vancouver

Summer 2024 Preschool Camp Weeks
Class Options – All camps are from 9:00AM -1:00PM

Camps are for children 2.5 to Kindergarten age!

FULL – July 2-5, W1 – Mad Science, 4 Day Week $175 

So many of our campers love spending time in Science World, so why not bring Science World to Extra Steps!? Our first week of summer camps will have children doing daily experiments and investigating our local ecosystems. 

FULL – July 8-12 , W2 – Heroes, 5 Day Week $205 

At Extra Steps, we are all heroes! Campers will create their own superheroes, design and dress up in costumes and create their own super powers! We will also talk about our community heroes such as firefighters and health care workers! 

FULL – July 15-19, W3 – Artful Antics, 5 Day Week $205 

As Picasso famously said: “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” Extra Steps will keep your artists alive and give them lots of space, time and materials to do so. We’ll have painting, slime, clay and much more. There are many tools and mediums that can be explored in the world of art – they can try a different one each day! 

July 22-26, W4 – Formula 3-5, 5 Day Week $205 

Week 4 is all about transportation! We’ll be building our own tracks for races, creating new vehicles and exploring everything that moves! Vroom Vroom! 

July 29-Aug 2, W5 – Olympics, 5 Day week $205 

The Olympics are a very exciting time for children and families. Summer is the perfect time to get your little ones training and have some fun competitions. We’ll host some crazy games and relays, the children will create medals and flags and we’ll celebrate Vancouver and its history in the Olympics! 

FULL – Aug 6-9, W6 – Extra Steps Top Chef, 4 Day Week $175 

Extra Steps will be hosting a very exciting culinary food experience with our summer campers. The children will test out their culinary abilities daily, and the teachers and families get to taste their food daily – YUMMY! 

Aug 12-16, W7 – Little Architects, 5 Day Week $205 

Children will become architects at Extra Steps and design and build their own city! Using loose parts, found materials and more, we will work together as a team to build without everything falling down, figure out what we need in a city, and how to incorporate all of our ideas into our own world! 

Aug. 19-23, W8 – Animal Planet, 5 Day Week $205 

This week is all about animals! We will be learning about animals all around the world, going on scavenger hunts, taking care of our stuffies in our animal hospital and we may even go on a safari! 

Aug 26-30, W9 – Nature Explorers, 5 Day Week $205 

Exploring our city and the beautiful nature around us, we will be learning about how we can help our environment with little changes! Extra Steps campers will bring the inside out and outside in! Nature will be the theme of this week and we will line up lots of nature activities for our summer campers. As Richard Louv states, “The future will belong to the nature smart.

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