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Summer 2018 Preschool Camp Weeks

9:00 am –1:00 pm (NEW TIMES)

-all camps located at the 726 west 16th ave location-


July 3-6, W1-Olympics, 4 Day Week $190.

The Olympics are a very exciting time for children and families.  Summer is a perfect time to get your little one training and having some fun competitions.  We’ll host some crazy games and relays, the children will create medals and flags.  We will have one field trip during this week to celebrate Vancouver and its history with the Olympics!

July 9-13, W2-Splish Splash, 5 Day Week $225.

This camp consist of an entire week filled with H20-themed activities, perfect for little ones who love cooling with water.  Campers will enjoy hitting local water parks.

July 16-20, W3-Extra Steps Got Talent, 5 Day Week $225.

Children have a abundance of talent, let’s spend the week showcasing them!  We’ll have costume making, stage design, microphones, face painting and much more.  The last day we will have a concert with all our talented summer campers.

July 23-27, W4-Artful Antics, 5 Day Week $225.

As Picasso famously said: “All children are artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” Extra Steps summer camp will keep your artist alive and give them lots of space, time and materials to do so.  We’ll have painting, slime, clay and much more.  There are many tools and mediums that can be explored in the world of art.  They can try a different one each day.

July 30-Aug. 3, W5-Extra Steps Top Chef, 5 Day Week $225.

Extra Steps will be hosting a very exciting culnary food experience with our campers.  The children will test out their culinary abilities daily, and the teachers and families get to taste food daily-YUMMY!  (All food restrictions and preferences will be noted and worked with)

Aug. 7-10, W6-Mad Science, 4 Day Week $190.

So many of our campers spend time in Science World, let’s bring science to us!  We’ll use daily science experiments and have a field trip to investigate one of our local eco systems.

Aug. 13-17, W7-Movin’ and Groovin’, 5 Day Week $225.

Let’s get MOVIN’, now more then ever, children need opportunities to move their bodies.  This week we will have yoga, dance, races, circuit training, disco party and much more!

Aug. 20-24, W8-Nature Unleashed, 5 Day Week $225.

Campers will bring the inside out and the outside in!  Nature will be the theme of this week, we will line up lots of nature activities for our summer campers.  They will also take a field trip to one of our local nature sites.  As Robert Louv Stats, “The future will belong to the nature smart.” 

Aug. 27-31, W9-Outside the Box, 5 Day Week $225.

The children will turn our space into a space full of loose parts!  The children will explore many types of materials, in all shapes and sizes, both natural and synthetic.  The campers will have time to get inspired, use their imagination, and be creative in their own unique way.  Most importantly THINKING OUTSIDE the BOX!!!


One time camp Registration Fee of $30. per child.  (non-refundable)

We are also offering individual classes at a rate of $65 per class. Multiple Camp Discounts do not apply to individual classes.

Multiple Program  Camp Discounts per family when booked all at once:

5% Discount if you enroll in 3 to 5 Camp Weeks

10% Discount if you enroll in 6 to 8 Camp Weeks

15% Discount if you enroll in 9 or more Camp Weeks

Cancellation Policy:

Any changes and withdrawals must be in writing 30 days prior to camp start date for 50% refund (No refund with less than 30 days notice)

Fees Due:  Fees are due in full at time of registration or half now and other half due for June 1st.







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