Extra Steps Owner/Company Director

Robb received his Early Childhood Education Diploma from Mount Royal University, Alberta and has worked with young children for more than fifteen years in a wide variety of fun-filled programs. He is well known in Vancouver where he co-owns and operates Extra Steps Learning Centres and been an advocate for children for many years.

During his long career, Robb has directed childcare centres and family childcare homes, designed and worked with summer camps, taught workshops, owned and operated three preschool programs, and assisted with facility openings.  He was also an instructor for an ECE college program.  When in the centres, if possible, he works directly with children, something for which he has both natural talent and boundless enthusiasm.

“I have enjoyed my career path and my choices over the years,” says Robb, who has also enjoyed overseeing the growth and development of his own grown boys. Robb is especially eager to share his talents and knowledge about early childhood education with other educators and with the families of children at Extra Steps.


Extra Steps Owner/Preschool Director

A proud Vancouverite, Sarah has completed her Early Childhood Education Certificate at Vancouver Community College. Her calm temperament and caring nature makes her a valuable member of the Extra Steps child education team. Sarah has a knack for guiding children through difficult situations, getting down on their level while remaining respectful and understanding of them. Her eagerness to get to know each child and her fun-loving charm leads to endless activities with them.

Sarah combines the best of both worlds: “I love to learn from the experience of other educators, while also bringing new and exciting ideas to the classroom.”  An energetic and dedicated teacher, she is especially interested in building children’s confidence to start them off on a positive path in life.


Preschool Educator

Christa began her career in Early Childhood Education after volunteering at a preschool right here in Vancouver. It was the children’s openness, honesty and genuine excitement and curiosity that immediately hooked her and compelled her to become part of the field. She went back to school, obtained her Assistant License, and began working for the very school she had volunteered at.

Since then Christa has gained experience in a variety of settings; preschool, daycare, out-of-school-care, summer camps and nannying, and earlier this year she completed the ECE program at Vancouver Community College to obtain her full license to practice.

“I absolutely love working with children! And when it comes to their education, I strongly believe in the importance of play! I truly believe that through play children naturally build all the social, emotional, intellectual and physical foundations they’ll need for life long learning.

I also strongly believe that children are unique, competent individuals that learn and develop in their own way. I am passionate about getting to know each child and supporting them on an individual basis. When children are seen, heard and respected, they become excited to learn! I strive to teach them how to think, instead of what to think.”

Outside of childcare, Christa is an avid crafter who enjoys selling her wares at craft markets around the city. She is a lover of life, family and humankind, and she considers herself a “Professional Auntie” with 15 nieces and nephews and counting!


Preschool / Camp Educator

Larry has completed his Early Childhood Education Certificate from Vancouver Community College and graduated in June 2013. He volunteered with Extra Steps Preschool every week to complete his Licence to Practice. Larry was born in Hong Kong and is fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin. After he completed his ECE certificate, he went back to Hong Kong and became a Lego Education Specialist for 2 years. He came back to Vancouver to join the Extra Steps family in 2016.

Larry also worked in the telecommunication industry for more than 10 years. He knows technology can help build our society, but it can also become a big barrier between parent and child relationships.  Technology will grow and change and be replaced, but our child is irreplaceable so treasure your moments with them.

“I love working at Extra Steps everyday, it is always so much fun!  Children learn best when they are having fun, I will continue to maintain the fun element in a safe and warm environment. Never stop playing , never stop learning.”


Preschool/Camp Educator

Jenn is from St. John’s, Newfoundland and has lived in Vancouver for ten years. Jenn began her journey of working with children by volunteering at a local Children’s Hospital in Newfoundland. It was there that she realized she had a warmth and genuine ability to connect and care for children.

She has also worked as a camp counsellor, assisted in after school programs, as a nanny for one year in France and locally at a daycare & preschool for the past two years. She currently has her Assistance License in Early Childhood Education and is currently working towards her full ECE certificate at Vancouver Community College.

“Through my experiences and ongoing education, I am continuously fascinated by children’s sense of wonder, ability to soak up knowledge, explore and make discoveries! I believe that every child has the right to play and that play is vital to a child’s learning, growing and making meaning of their world around them. I feel very fortunate to support, care and foster children’s development and learning during these early years.”

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