Daily Schedule

Our class times are 8:30-12:00 and 1:00-4:30.

Our 3.5 hour class schedule varies daily, but below is an example of what your child’s day may look like:

Meet & Greet (15 mins)  – free time, explore the room, chat with friends

Opening Circle (10 mins)  – welcome, todays activities

Free choice in Play-based Learning Centres (90 mins)  – guided play, art, toys, table activities, baking, open snack time

Middle Circle (25 mins)  – puppets, stories, sharing time, games, transition to outside time

Outside Time (60 mins)  – outside activities, nature walks, sports, games, playground equipment

Closing Circle (10 mins)  – stories, talking & listening, wrapping up, getting ready to head home

Please note that schedule and activities may vary depending on the day’s events. In addition, we are flexible, not rigid, about our schedule because we understand how young children learn! For more details, please talk to staff.

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