Apply to Extra Steps Preschool

Below is a link to the application form to Extra Steps Preschool. Please fill out the required information and most importantly your preferred weekly schedule and any additional information that would be helpful for us to know (i.e how flexible you are schedule-wise, extra support needs etc) Families are also invited to send us an email with any additional information or any questions they may have to


Answers to common questions?

  • Our private school applications are sorted and filed according to priority, your child’s age, available start date and the date we receive the form & payment.
  • Priority is always given in the following order; to currently enrolled families, to past registered families and then new families in order that they are filed and dated.
  • Families are welcome to apply to the preschool at any time of the year. We will respond if/when we have availability for your child. You’re also welcome to send us an email at if you are hoping to start mid year.
  • As our programs have many options register in, from 1 to 5 days a week, we cannot accurately tell you when a space will be available. If more families register for 5 days per week, less children can be enrolled. When more families choose 2 or 3 days/week, we can enrol more children. Some parents apply and at registration time no longer require preschool. On the other side of this, current and past families may have siblings and apply at the last minute.
  • The best time to find out roughly where your child is in the application process is about a month prior to when you’d like to register. Any families leaving our program are required to give us at least 45 days notice. On that note, most families do not leave our program once they start with us as. Rarely, personal reasons do take families away from us at times throughout the year, such as moving, job changes or families switching to full-time care.
  • Families are invited for a tour if they have applied, are of age to begin and we have a space upcoming for them. All other families are welcome to come to our open house, held in February/March each year. We cannot have tours for every family individually if they are not starting immediately as they can be disruptive to the classroom. At registration time, if you are invited to register and have not yet visited, you will be invited for a tour at that time.
  • Children usually get in our program within a year of applying or the start of the next school year, if they are the correct age. Flexibility in requested days/class times is a major contributing factor during the enrolment process.

Thank you for reading and understanding these points. Please apply as early as possible to make your chances of getting in that much better.  We look forward to working with you as a team with your child and family.


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