Policies & Procedures

Fine Details

First and foremost, your child will get dirty in our program. We love jumping in puddles, exploring mud with our bare hands and rolling in the dirt. The children are able to fully immerse themselves in the environment around them offering them a deeper understanding of their direct environment.

Children don’t have to be potty trained to join us. If your child is potty trained—GREAT! Please know that when nature ‘calls’, we will stop and pee pretty much anywhere. Usually there is a bathroom close by but when we’re deep in the forest not so much.

We go outside every single day. . . especially when it’s pouring rain outside. Puddles!


Parents will be given a list of basic safety items their child will be required to wear and bring with them to keep them safe as we will venture out in all weather/seasons! If a child comes unprepared, the staff have the right to refuse the child from the day’s events so please double check your items the night before.

All Staff/Volunteers will be required to have First Aid, Criminal Record Check and a basic understanding of their environments as well as young children.

The staff will carry on them at all times:

  • Cell Phone for emergency use
  • Photo & Emergency Consent forms
  • First Aid Kit
  • Extra water for children
  • A set of spare clothes
  • Warm water and soap for hand washing
  • Hot water for Tea

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